The Tarrassian saga

The Tarrassian Saga is my praise to Humanity and to everything that makes us special. In an alien word of powerful beings who come with a long list of superpowers, our weaknesses became our strengths. Our resilience, our will power, our determination to carry on and especially our obsession with love, are only superpowers that matter in the end.

The Tarrasian Saga is an epic fantasy series consisting of five books:

The Ice Queen

The Queen of Monsters

The Warrior Queen

The Protector King
(Published December 2022)

The Queen of Light
(Awaiting Publish date)

The Saga follows the epic space adventures of five humans taken from Earth by alien slavers. In a world where all beings are bigger, stronger and more advanced, humans are considered primitive creatures.

As an unseen enemy threatens the survival of all sentient life, the superior alien species will learn to respect and fear the unassuming humans.

Advanced technology, special powers and superheroes cannot always defeat the darkness.

Resilience, willpower, hope and love can succeed where everything else fails. These traits define what we call The Human Spirit.

Back on Earth, our kind takes such qualities for granted, often turning them into meaningless social media quotes. The Tarrassian Saga reminds us there is nothing meaningless about the Human Spirit. It is the strongest weapon in the Universe.

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