The Tarrassian Saga

Book 4


Coming Soon

Brian O’Connor learns to love what he hates most in the world: an alien. The Protector King is the only book in the series with a human male and alien female as the main couple. Their story is one of angst and redemption.

The Tarrassian Princess is not only a constant reminder of his sufferance at the hands of the alien slavers, but she is the living proof of his lack of freedom. An ancient mating mark called the Sign says they belong together, and his adoptive planet is not interested in his personal opinion. No one cares; he finds their spineless, submissive and androgynous-looking princess entirely off-putting. She is the opposite of everything he ever liked in a partner. Everything about her is wrong. And yet…

Both Brian and Elina will discover that love is not about what people look like or their labels. Love is about compatibility, and preconceptions have no chance against it.

The Protector King will be released around Christmas 2022.


The Tarrassian Saga

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