“ Aria Mossi made her literary debut earlier this year with The Ice Queen, the first instalment of The Tarrassian Saga. Her two books to date, with cover illustrations by acclaimed British fantasy artist Dave Hill, have proven to be instant classics of the genre.”

Femail First Magazine

“Aria Mossi could well be the first British author to specialise in sci-fi fantasy romance. Her books, action-packed sci-fi fantasy epics with heart, have quickly amassed a loyal following, leading some fans to cosplay as characters.”

Femail First Magazine

“The Tarrassian Saga offers a scorching-hot sci-fi fantasy romance underpinned by a celebration of the human spirit.”

Global Woman Magazine

“Thrilling, sizzling escapist fiction at its finest.”

 “A gripping and original alien universe to get lost in.”

Reader’s Digest

“Stunningly written adventure packed with peril and passion out in the depths of space.”

Review of the Queen of Monsters By Timothy Arden

. “Once I got hooked into the first few chapters, I couldn’t put it down. I just had to know what happens next, not to mention, this is one insanely hot love story.”

NetGalley review

 “The sci-fi and romance genre are two of my favourites, so of course, I knew I was going to enjoy my time whilst reading this. The characters have such wonderful depth and detail, which is what I always appreciate whilst reading. I loved that I felt like I was there with them, travelling their journey; it made the story all the more exciting!”

NetGalley review

“I love the diversity of the characters in this series. It’s unrealistic and annoying when aliens just happen to ‘kidnap’ white female humans. I think this series, as a whole, embraces all the beautiful differences between humans. This is what I like to call an inclusive book. Different races, species, cultures, sexual orientations and beliefs are presented as something to celebrate and embrace. “

Amazon Kindle Review

“The female protagonist is a bit broken and fragile, yet she becomes an inspiring leader when push comes to shove. As I read this book, I found myself saving inspiring quotes. It’s just one of those stories that stay with you.

Here’s my favourite quote: Loving you gave me the clarity I needed to see myself; the real me. Some people are something on their own, but most are something because of others.”

Review for The Warrior Queen. Amazon customer

“Beautiful love story”

I read this as an ebook. It’s not yet available in the paperback format. I loved the female character! A strange mixture of strong and fragile. The love story is out of this world and not just because it happens in a different galaxy. It’s all fast-paced and so unpredictable at times. No spoilers, but the end was like, WOW! Looking forward to the paperback. The cover looks just as hot as the love story. Can hardly wait for the second book in the series. The story itself doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, but there is a link to the next characters in the epilogue.

Waterstones Reviewer

I was not sure what to expect when I requested this book, mostly I picked it because of the cover, but it’s safe to say that it surpassed my expectations. I loved the writing. It just flowed so nicely and naturally. I read this in only a day, and I never tired of the author’s writing style. This book has aliens and it play with the fated mates trope, and from that you can draw quite a few conclusions, and yet it was still unique. Not only did it have the Tarrassian lore to keep you interested, it also introduced other alien species. I’m actually really curious about the Sphinx and would love to know more about them. This book ends in a way that really makes you want to read more and if I had to guess I’d say the next books will be about Natalia. At least I hope it is as I would love to read her story next. Overall, a really enjoyable read. I recommend it for people who liked the Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon.

Net Gallery Reviewer

I received this book as an eARC from Netgalley. All opinions are my own!

On Earth, Sia is the Ice Queen, a lonely, broken model who just wants to keep the world out. Until she finds herself under the thumb of the King of Tarrassia, an alien planet that is desperate for the Ice Queen to solve their problems. 

I was so pleasantly surprised by this book! It had me hooked from the very beginning, as I was dying to understand the alien worlds and figure out how the humans fit into everything. The plot and the world-building were revealed at just the right pace so that there was no information dump but I never found myself getting bored or too confused. The way in which the humans were worked into the story was really intriguing to me, mostly because in sci-fi we never see humans as being needed in the way that Tarrasia needs them!

I also was pleasantly surprised by the relationship between Sia and Tars! I was weary of the “fated mates” trope at first, but I loved the way that their stories unfolded and they came to truly know and love each other. (Not to mention the amazing tension and spice between them!) Even with an alien mate, their love story really showcased the beauty of human life. Their relationship wasn’t as forced as this trope sometimes causes things to become, and I really appreciated that!

I have to say that I loved that this story wasn’t just about the sci-fi aspects or the spice, but it got you to think deeper about human life and love. These themes were so well done that it was almost a passive thing throughout the book, and at the end, everything seemed to come together so well that it left me shocked!

I greatly enjoyed this book, and I cannot wait to see where this series goes from here!

Net Gallery Reviewer

World building: 5/5

Fricking amazing. Though at the beginning it felt like an info dump, I loved how the entire world was set up. its so incredible how the author calls Earth a “Red Orbit” planet, categorized because of their lack of intergalactic travel and technology. Because as far as we know, there actually could be aliens out there and maybe this is exactly why they *rarely* visit Earth. In addition to this, the development of the different species and planets was super interesting. I’m excited to see the development in the future books.

Pacing: 5/5
I really loved this. I was never bored (like I am reading so many books) because there were no dead periods. It was constant action, constant movement the entire time.

The ending of this book has me eager to read book two…because I am a sucker for book series that focus on a different character/couple each book. I’m excited to see Natalia’s story and her development

GoodReads Reviewer

 I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

I was first drawn to this book by the gorgeous cover (I mean, just look at it!!), and then I read the synopsis, and I was imminently captured.

Whilst reading, I was instantly hooked, and I could not put the book down. I constantly had to know what happened and ended up having a reading binge! I loved how the story was easy to interoperate and just read beautifully. I didn’t need to stop and gather my thoughts or re-read parts because it was confusing, it just fell effortlessly into place, and I truly loved that about this book.

The sci-fi and romance genre are two of my favourites, so of course, I knew I was going to enjoy my time whilst reading this. The characters have such wonderful depth and detail, which is what I always appreciate whilst reading. I loved that I felt like I was there with them, travelling their journey; it made the story all the more exciting!

By the end of Book One, I was hooked, and I can’t wait until the rest of the series is released so I can binge them all!

NetGallery Reviewer

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